Transformation and Impartation

Testimonies of participants of the ministry Real Touch of Heaven. Glory to Jesus for everything!

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Supernatural CONNECTION during the meeting. The atmosphere of heaven releases miracles.

During the meeting, Lily was contacted - quite unexpectedly and after a very long time - by a friend who told her about a Servant of God who was coming to England. Lily and her husband visited this man of God and received a considerable blessing. God saw the desire and need of His daughter Lily and acted supernaturally in this miraculous meeting of the Real Touch of Heaven. In the atmosphere of God's presence and glory, things happen that are to the glory of the Lord Jesus.

She asked for prayer for her friend from Israel. Jesus saved him!

Lada asked for prayer for Josi of Israel, to whom she had previously witnessed Jesus Christ. Although he did not acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah, he was in such a serious situation that he asked Lada for prayers for "her" Jesus. Lada fervently interceded for him and accepted prayer in this ministry. Two months later, Lada testifies that Jozi, who was "fighting for his life" due to depressive conditions, is now alive, hopeful and joyful after the prayers! Glory to Jesus.

The transformation of Paul through heavenly touches. He who is in Christ is a new creation!

Paul regularly attended the meetings of the ministry Real Touch of Heaven and now he testifies how much better he lives - thanks to dwelling in the presence of God and praying in the power of the Holy Spirit. He can get more work done, he can sleep better, and he is experiencing supernatural regeneration of his body. Praise God for all this!

She receives the prophetic word, now prays and sees miracles

At a meeting of the ministry Real Touch of Heaven, Katherine from Slovakia received a prophetic word to intercede and pray for other people. With the prophetic word, the power of God is released. Kate later testifies that when she began to pray for others in obedience of faith, God powerfully confessed and began to work in other people's lives! May this encourage us all to pray for others!

She has received God's blessing in her new job, receive it too!

Libuse asked for a blessing for the new job she was about to start. Through intercessory prayer and prophetic words, the Lord Jesus gave her peace and literally cleared the way. Libuše testifies how she perceived His blessing and help in her new job. At the end of the video is a prayer for blessing in your work as well, receive by faith from Jesus, He cares about you and what you experience in your work. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

He gained more of God's power. He who serves God gets more from God!

Reverend Nigel from India has been leading one of the prayer rooms in the Real Touch of Heaven ministry and the Lord has been using him very much. What he didn't expect was that the Holy Spirit would choose him during the meeting and bless him with a "greater spiritual battery" through which God can pour out more of His power through him. Nigel testifies how he perceives an increase of God's power in his prayers after this impartation from heaven. Thank Jesus!

Release the prophetic garment, receive the prophetic empowerment.

Yva testifies how after praying at the last meeting she perceives a shift in prophetic gifting, which is a blessing for her, but also for the people around her. The Lord Jesus wants to move on through this testimony and releases the prophetic anointing on the whole assembly, there is a release of prophetic mantles. The anointing is still present in the video, the grace of God is still available to those who in humility and faith desire the things of the kingdom of God. Praise God!

At the meeting, she received the word about hearing God's voice! Now she is effectively praying for others.

At one of the Real Touch of Heaven meetings, Teresa received by faith the word about intensifying the hearing of God's voice. She now testifies to the difference and states that it helps her to pray effectively for others. Thank you Jesus for opening our spiritual hearing!

God's touch transformed her: "Every morning I wake up in the kingdom of God!"

Alena shares that after praying at a Real Touch of Heaven ministry meeting, she had a great spiritual revelation from the Lord Jesus. God touched her and transformed her life. Since then, she has been experiencing the reality of God's kingdom and wants to live for God's glory! Hallelujah! In conclusion, Mrs. Alena adds that what she has experienced and is experiencing is accessible to every person without exception. Let us follow Jesus by faith and long more for His glorious presence!

She wanted the Holy Spirit to comfort her. He arranged a heavenly meeting for her daughter.

At the Real Touch of Heaven meeting, the Holy Spirit pointed to Olivia even though her camera was off. She was surprised herself and wanted the Holy Spirit to comfort her in some way. During the prayers, a word of knowledge came about her daughter, which obviously pleased Olivia very much. Less than two months later, we received a testimony from a Christian church Olivia had previously attended about what God had provided for her daughter even after the above prayer. Thank Jesus!

Jesus helped her to improve her GRADES IN SCHOOL! Proof to her that she is loved by God.

Sabina and her dad Martin attended the first meeting of this ministry. When challenged, Sabina told Jesus that she wanted better grades in school. After praying for better focus, the great power of God came upon Sabina, as witnessed by her dad Martin. It was he who later testified that Sabina was able to significantly improve her grades in less than two months. And the main thing - she is very aware that it was Jesus who helped her!

Relationship problem solved after prayer. Jesus knows your every need!

The Holy Spirit pointed out to Mary with a word of knowledge that there was a relationship problem in her life. At another Touch of Heaven meeting, Mary shares how Jesus supernaturally solved the problem after this prayer. The testimony is all the more amazing because Mary had not prayed to God about the problem.
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