Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions related to this service. If you have any other questions, please contact us via this form.

Registration for the meeting is free. The meeting is conducted over the internet via the Zoom app (via PC, Mac, mobile phone or tablet on which you have installed the Zoom app, the device must have a video camera and microphone). You must register for the meeting on this website. Once you enter your information, you will receive a confirmation email with login information.

We have prepared a very detailed guide for you. If there is still something that is not clear, please contact us.

We have prepared a very detailed guide for you. If there is still something that is not clear, please contact us.

These online meetings have the following structure (not necessarily followed, everything takes place according to the guidance of the Lord Jesus at the time of the meeting):

Praise and worship introduce the meeting and lead the participants into the presence of God.

Testimony time is when people give testimonies either directly through the Zoom app or are played as a video. These are usually videos of healing and deliverance. This helps participants to see what ministry looks like and most importantly to encourage their faith in their own situation.

The short biblical message helps people to yearn even more for the kingdom of God, miracles, manifestations of God’s glory, as well as to give their lives to service and set apart for God.

A main service in which the minister prays for the meeting participants in corporate prayer or individually. The choice of the people for whom the minister prays is guided by the Holy Spirit.

Prayer rooms, where participants are assigned to individual smaller prayer groups (happens automatically, the participant does not have to exert any activity). In these rooms, the participant waits until invited by the prayer room leader to communicate his/her prayer need. The goal is for each participant in the meeting to offer an individual prayer for themselves/their needs under the anointing of Jesus Christ.

The minister does not pray for all people in turn, but is led by the Holy Spirit who shows him who to pray for individually. (Each participant has the opportunity to pray individually in the prayer rooms that take place during the meeting.) The minister may pray for someone for a longer period of time or even very briefly. It is not the length of the prayer that will heal the person, but faith in Jesus. The meeting may also use other prayer helpers to join in the prayers. Sometimes the Holy Spirit wants to use others to pray. Remember, it is Jesus who is Lord.

All ministers minister in Jesus’ name in the power of the Holy Spirit, which means that many times they may not speak much or at all when praying. They don’t have to physically say the name of Jesus. It is the Holy Spirit who ministers by the power of His glorious name.

Ministers believe that the anointing at the meeting is sufficient to meet every need. That is why He may not ask you about your problem or pray specifically – maybe He will just touch your picture or “blow”.

Often, the minister is also led to pray for the whole group of people (whether present at the meeting or not – intended, for example, for people who will see that part of the meeting later on the recording, etc.).

Yes, of course! The person does not have to be present at the meeting. The power of Jesus Christ is not limited by physical distance, it is all a matter of faith in the Lord Jesus. This also applies, for example, to troubled children who cannot stand still for a moment, etc. In such cases it is good, not necessary, to take a photograph of the person (e.g. on a mobile phone).

The primary purpose of this ministry is 1) To glorify God. 2) To encourage and build up God’s people. 3) To bring people to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ for the eternal salvation of their souls.

This is accomplished not only through people’s personal attendance at the meeting, but also through the ability to play the recording of the meeting or portions of the meeting, segments, and testimonies. For these reasons, we are unable to accommodate people who object to the possibility of having their video recorded and used. Participation in the meeting is permission to use your image, which may be used publicly.

If you are healed after prayer, but then the symptoms begin to return, resist the enemy in Jesus’ name and stand firm in your faith that Jesus truly healed you on the cross. Don’t give in to the deception that you have lost your healing and are sick again. Set your mind and heart on the truth of the promises of God’s Word. Ask others who have genuine faith to pray and believe with you. Do not give up.

Walk in faith that your healing has been permanently established for you at the cross. Your faith is nourished by meditating on God’s Word (the Bible) – inwardly focusing on God’s Word, dwelling on it, meditating on it, putting yourself into the Word… so the content of the meditation is the Bible verses themselves.

Find a living church that believes Jesus heals and sets free today. Have regular fellowship with other believers.

Demons can cause sickness. Be careful not to open any doors of sin by which you give evil spirits access or permission to afflict you. It is important to live your life according to the standard of God’s Word. This means walking in love and forgiveness toward all, living a pure life free from all sexual immorality, not defiled by worldly things (worldly music and dance, movies, computer games, etc.), and having nothing to do with any form of witchcraft, New Age, or occultism.

It is necessary to walk in the Light and avoid all works of darkness. Demons are spirits of darkness and are attracted to the darkness of sin or wickedness in a person’s life, just as flies are attracted to garbage. Quickly confess your sin to God and repent of it. To this end, it is good to have someone to whom you are accountable and confess your sin to them. Do not give the enemy any opportunity. Close all ungodly doors in your life. Be filled with the Holy Spirit and the light of Christ.

Walk by faith and believe that you are free, and persevere in your faith. Deliverance comes by faith in Jesus Christ, as does healing.

Stand firm in your faith and actively resist and rebuke all attacks of the enemy.

“Therefore, submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you”. (James 4:7)

Be patient and continue in your faith. Ask others to pray. Go repeatedly to these meetings.

As far as healing and deliverance are concerned, both have already been fully accomplished on the cross. So you are already healed and liberated. Faith believes this truth and will persevere until the healing or deliverance is fully manifested in the physical (natural) realm.

The personal presence of Jesus Christ is very strong at the meeting and we feel that there is nothing more valuable! It is this presence of Jesus that brings heaven to earth. When there is (most often in prayer) a release of God’s power it can be manifested in the physical world by people – whether ministers or attendees – for example, falling under God’s power, shaking hands, in short, being visibly touched by the power of the Holy Spirit so that God’s power works on their physical bodies. Many feel heat, warmth, peace, wind, or a combination of these. While this may seem strange to some, it is quite biblical. A few verses as proof:

– The priests in the temple could not even stand because of the glory of God that filled the whole temple (2 Chronicles 5:14, KJV).
– Jesus felt the power of God go out of Him to the woman with the issue of blood – she was healed and trembled under the power of God (Luke 8:46-47)
– the soldiers fell to the ground under God’s power when they went to arrest Jesus (John 18:6)
– Paul was blinded for three days when he encountered the risen Christ (Acts 9:8-9)

In conclusion, it is not primarily the manifestation of the Spirit, but the subsequent fruit of prayer and abiding in the manifested presence of Jesus Christ.

The servant who prays by faith declares what he sees happening in the realm (realm) of the Spirit. God’s promise to that person is revealed to him. Like the Apostle Paul said:

But because we have the same Spirit of faith, according to what is written, ‘I believed, therefore I spoke,’ we also believe, therefore we also speak (2 Corinthians 4:13)

This is not a medical diagnosis, but a statement of faith about what they believe is happening. Most people experience their healing immediately. For some, however, this may not be true. If a praying minister says you are healed or delivered, take that word as a prophecy for you and believe in your heart that you are in fact healed or delivered.

Part of this ministry is healing by the power of God – we believe that healing is an elementary part of the salvation that the Lord Jesus has won for us by His sacrifice and resurrection. However, we want to state clearly that we value the work of physicians very much. We are in no way against medical care or medicine! As part of this ministry, we do not, as a matter of principle, make recommendations to others not to see a doctor or to stop taking medication. We believe that even God directly can use secular doctors for healing, or a combination of divine intervention and medical intervention.

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