Instructions on how to join the meeting

What do I need to join the meeting?

What will you technically need?

  1. A device with a camera, speakers and a microphone from which to log into the broadcast. Typically a computer (PC, Mac or Linux), a smartphone (iOS, Android…) or a tablet.
  2. An internet connection, ideally fixed internet, WI-FI or mobile data.
  3. ZOOM app installed. Download links are below.

How to install Zoom?

Zoom is a web application that allows you to connect with other people around the world using a video camera on your device (PC, Mac, mobile…).

You can download the app using the following links depending on the type of device you want to join the broadcast from:

You can also log in to the broadcast (see above) and if you don’t have the Zoom app installed on your device, it should prompt you to install it. However, we recommend you have this all checked out beforehand so you don’t waste time with it and miss out on the live stream.

If you have the app installed on your device, you can try everything out in the Zoom test room (just click “JOIN” there to see if everything works).

How to try Zoom before the meeting? (test room)

The test room is the perfect opportunity to check that your Zoom app, video camera, speakers and microphone are working.

The following video is for PC/Mac (its in Czech language). If you have a mobile or tablet, then check out the step-by-step pictures.

Open a web browser on your mobile/tablet and enter the address:

When the page loads, click on the big blue “Join” button

The system will ask you whether to open the Zoom app. Say “Open”. If you don’t have Zoom installed, then you need to do this (instructions and link above).

The Zoom app will launch and ask you for your first and last name.

The question will probably come up whether to allow access to the front camera (camera) for the Zoom app. Give OK / Yes.

Then your front camera should activate and you should be able to see yourself. If you can see yourself, click the blue “Join with Video” button.

Next, the system will probably ask you if it can give you access to the microphone. Be sure to give OK/Yes.

This or a similar message will then appear, allowing you to plug the microphone into Zoom Broadcast. Give the first (top) option – in my case “Call Over Internet”. Don’t put cancel.

You are now in the test room. If everything is working as it should (i.e. correctly) you can see the camera and the microphone icon on the bottom left, with Mute written below it. On a mobile/tablet you can’t hear your voice from the device, the microphone icon is the decider (it can also graphically indicate when you are speaking).

Try clicking on the microphone icon on the bottom left. This will cross it out and “Unmute” will appear. This means that no one will hear you now. You may be prompted to click on this icon during the broadcast / meeting.

How to join a meeting (step by step)

  1. First you need to register via the form. You need to fill in your name, surname and email, your prayer need and give your consent to data processing.
  2. Once registered, you will automatically receive a login email with your unique login details to the email provided.
  3. At the time of the meeting (ideally shortly before the meeting is scheduled to begin), open this login email and click on the large blue “Join Meeting” button in the email. You must do this on the device from which you wish to join the meeting.
  4. The system will prompt you to open the Zoom app or launch it directly.
  5. You should see the camera on your device activate, and your image appear (on a mobile phone, you need to enable camera/camcorder usage). You need to confirm “Join with Video” (blue option).
  6. You will then be taken to the broadcast, where you can already see the meeting in progress. The last thing to do is to activate the audio, which you do by clicking on “Join with computer audio” in the case of PC/Mac or “Join with internet audio” or “Call over internet” in the case of mobile/tablet – this is always the first option offered.

What about when you log on to the broadcast / meeting?

  • Then you are connected in the broadcast, you can see the studio, other participants, you can watch the broadcast.
  • In general, when the Zoom app prompts you to do something, it’s better to click on the blue (highlighted) option. The opposite option often leads to the termination of some important functions, or the end of the broadcast.
  • If you are prompted for a dialog, click on the microphone icon or the “unmute” option.
  • Should you log out for any reason, turn off the app or device, or experience some technical error, try logging in the same way again.
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