Testimonies & Reactions from Participants

You can find many other testimonies in our Youtube channel "Real Touch of Heaven".
"I experienced the powerful touch of the Lord. From the beginning of the broadcast to the end, I experienced great joy and laughed and rejoiced throughout. Then it culminated in the prayer room as well. I was healed of my depression and felt good in spirit, soul and body."
Irena Tomasova
"Thanks to your posting and sharing the videos I feel a great change in my mental state, I feel more lightness and joy."
Alisa Kairos
"I had a great joy in prayer, which I needed very much, because I believe the Lord healed my blood, I had many markers and few red blood cells, and because they ordered another chest CT for tomorrow, I believe the Lord Jesus healed me and I believe they won't find anything there... " From another email, "I went in this week for the results of the chest CT and blood work. The chest is perfectly fine and the blood count is normal. The Lord Jesus really healed me (after praying at the meeting)..."
Marie Lehocka
"It was the power of God yesterday, in the meeting and in the rooms! God helped me to forgive the person who abused me as a child and then peace reigned in my heart in that area. God did a lot in my life yesterday. Hallelujah!"
Martin from Trinec
"When you had Touch of Heaven , the Holy Spirit touched me, I felt a wonderful warmth in my body and joy in my heart and tears flowed .... I was happy!"
Michal Raputa
"...I immediately felt the power of God upon me, flowing through me throughout the time of prayer, and I had a vision: a fire in front of me-I felt the powerful presence of God and a strong warmth flowing through me. At the end in the prayer rooms, I asked for prayer for my stomach, which had been bothering me lately. The next day I was relieved and began eating again with gusto. I thank God for how powerfully He works in our lives."
Janka Filova
"HALELUJAH! The power of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit is palpable! Glory to you Lord Jesus!"
Martin Cermak
"I want to share what I experienced at the last meeting. After the praises, there was a moment when you prayed for all the people present under the power of the Holy Spirit. At the prayers you expressed that you are against the golden staph. I knew right away, felt that it was for me, and so I withdrew the healing from the Lord for myself and my family because golden staph had manifested in my family and gradually all six family members ended up on antibiotics. I got the disease too and the symtoms were pretty unpleasant. After prayer, the symtoms started to go away and I was the only one in my family who went without antibiotics, I was healed! Praise and honor goes to God the Heavenly Father."
Janka Filova
"After praying for stage 4 liver cancer, I was immediately relieved. I felt God's presence... It was a very strong stream of heat, and there was "something rolling" in my abdomen (where I also had metastases) and then it was pulled out. From that point on I was completely straightened out - I was walking around hunched over due to the extreme pain. I stopped taking the drops and pain pills and got a whole new strength. I can walk up the stairs in our house without gasping for breath, before that I was literally climbing on all fours. I couldn't cook, clean, just normal household chores were impossible. Now everything is as before, praise the Lord Jesus for his healing!"
Renata S.
"The gentleman was very touching throughout the online meeting. My heart was (and still is) filled with gratitude and praise as I was able to hear testimonies to the glory of God that people were bringing in humility, and as I saw God's love in dealing with each person. In the prayer room, I asked for prayers regarding the fatigue syndrome that had been plaguing me for the past year and a half and kept returning with the load. Since the meetings and prayers, I have perceived a change in this area - until then, at times the symptoms of deep fatigue overwhelmed me too much, causing restless nights and I was unable to remain in faith and rest in the Lord. Glory to the Lord Jesus!"
Hanka Kotlarova
"For about 5 years I have had a tazsi story of hypertension, my medication was constantly changed, the medication did not work, after taking the pill I was worse, I had a terrible headache... Since the prayer I have not taken a single pill, my head does not hurt anymore, the pain in the heart area is not. Thank you, dear Lord Jesus."
Martina Fabriciova
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